Silver Leaf Sculpture

Posted on: May 27th, 2012 by David



Materials | oxidised steel | aluminium | stainless steel bearings | Dimensions | 3000 mm x 3000mm

‘Silver Leaf’ is my second piece of Kinetic work, it is engineered to oscillate on the breath of a wind and has a truly mesmeric movement.The leaf form is an abstracted olive tree leaf which has been a symbol of hope and peace for millenia. The symbolic resonance of the olive leaf reflected perfectly my wish to create a sculpture which was at times contemplative and at other times dramatic and inspiring.
The silver leaves are made from 2mm aluminium sheet. I have ground facets into the surface to reflect the light in an almost holographic way, causing the light to dance on the surface.
The bearings are precission engineered Schaeffler bearings using axial, roller and deep groove bearing combinations.