Orbit – Kinetic

Posted on: May 27th, 2012 by David

Materials | oxidised steel | stainless steel | stainless steel bearings | Dimensions | 4000mm

‘Orbit’ is my latest large Kinetic piece and stands at over 4metres tall.

‘Orbit’ consists of two seed like ‘pods’ which gently dip and weave around one another in a slow and graceful dance. This piece even more than my other kinetic work seems to defy gravity which really fascinates and intrigues the viewer. There is also a wonderful elegance to the movement even in high winds.

The structure of the ‘pods’ is exposed, the aluminium fins angled to catch the breeze and the lead counterweight filed by the gram to provide perfect balance.
It was wonderful to see this piece up on the brow of the hill at RHS Hyde Hall, it can be seen from 400 meters away by the visitors centre.

I intend to add colour to this piece for a new commission and will add images to the website in due course. 

‘Orbit’ Fresh Air Exhibition 2013 from David on Vimeo.