Posted on: May 27th, 2012 by David

‘Light’ stands 2.4metres tall on it’s oxidised steel base or 1.8metres tall on it’s stainless steel base.

Through my sculpture ‘Light’ I was trying to capture the essence of light, to embody its ethereal quality whilst at the same time use light itself to bring the sculpture to life. This piece I feel is quite spiritual imparting a very calming response.

‘Light’ seems to defy gravity and balance delicately upon its plinth, it can be positioned so as to frame a distant view or be viewed up close where its iris like form becomes more apparent.

The blades are arranged so as to draw the eye to an area of space where there appears to be ‘nothing’. Of course on a molecular and sub atomic scale there can never really be ‘nothing’ at any one point in space. In essence that is the dilemma with light, we have evolved to sense its presence through our eyes , but we cannot see light itself. Light has baffling qualities, the concept of light is hard to grasp, even science struggles to define it, is it a wave or a particle or both?

The reflective qualities of each individual blade provides constant variation and interest throughout the days and seasons.

‘Light’ was a technically challenging sculpture to realise, it gives me great satisfaction to have succeeded in completing a piece that has a stunning yet gentle aesthetic and subtle intentions.