Kinetic Seed Sculpture

Posted on: May 27th, 2012 by David

Materials | oxidised steel | cold cast bronze | stainless steel bearings | Dimensions | 3500 mm x 2500mm

‘Kinetic Seed Sculpture’ This work is a twofold homage to nature, the seed form and the wind. In the natural world, the two work in perfect harmony, the seed having evolved over millions of years into a finely tuned wing. This harmony is present throughout nature, it is harmony that we humans strive for, and sometimes struggle to find. I hope that my sculpture is a fascinating and peaceful work that points towards a simpler relationship with the world.

This piece was the result of six months research, experimentation and hard work. Following in the footsteps of the great American Artist George Rickey (1907-2002), I have used precision ball bearings and precise and delicate weighting to enable my work to be set in motion by the slightest breeze.
At rest the sculpture has a simple beauty and symmetry, when the wind blows it comes to life in an ever changing pattern of turns and oscillations.
The sculpture will revolve gently in warm air currents, and move more dramatically in strong winds. The sculpture feathers in the wind and constantly moves to ‘avoid’ the wind, it moves smoothly and silently at all times.
The movement of the kinetic seed sculpture is possible through the laws of physics that govern pendulums and compound pendulums and the use of precision housed ball bearings. Within each of the seed pods and the vertical shaft there is a double race bearing. This allows each of the seed pods to rotate in an angled plane 360 degrees whilst at the same time both seed pods can rotate 360 degrees around the central column.


Video 29-07-2012 12 33 from David on Vimeo.