David has created a fabulous new Kinetic piece for 2014. This will be unveiled at The Chelsea Flower Show and Hampton Coourt Flower Show.

Gravity is the result of months of prototyping and experimentation, the polished kinetic elements move in a way which is unique in the Kinetic Sculpture world. There are nearly 100 individually pivoted elements which are wind activated setting the polished ovals into an almost perpetual fluid motion.

“I wanted to recreate the movement of light on water, I was inspired by the work of Claude Monet who strove to capture this on canvas.The two circles are in the scale of the earth and moon, its the gravitational pull of the Moon which moves the oceans. This movement was a vital element in the creation of life.”

David has created an incredibly varied yet peaceful contemporary sculpture. The Kinetic movement which he loves so much is used in a new and unique way, you can watch the polished ovals move gently reflecting the sky and colours in the environment or sink deeper into a fluid world of watery depth.

trim.55D5D4AE-F7E7-4B67-A893-8E16C260A482 from David on Vimeo.