‘Cube Cloud’ and ‘Cube Cloud Trilogy’

Posted on: March 11th, 2014 by David

Materials | oxidised steel | steel |galvanised steel – mordant finish | Dimensions | 3.5 m | 4.6m

Cube Cloud

There are very few geometric forms in the natural world on a macro scale, so the cube is inevitably linked to Humans and Human intervention; I see the cube as a symbol of mans manipulation of the world; from building blocks to geometric patterns, from cities to computer screens. Although we are able utilise the Earths resources and alter the natural world, the Earth still dictates the major systems upon which we rely. We can modify the crops but we can’t make it rain.
‘Cube Cloud’ is my conceptual homage to the rain, one of the most fundamental and life giving of all the Earths systems; it is not just a representation of a cloud but a very Human symbol of thanks and reverence.

Cube Cloud Sculpture conceptual sculpture, having its debut in 2012 at my solo exhibition at RHS Hyde Hall. Since then I have had several clients both public and private commission this piece which has given me the opportunity to see cube cloud at different heights. The largest piece I have made is over 4.6metres tall for a sculpture garden and it looks fantastic, a real commanding statement piece. The cube can be made thick or thin.

The rain panels give the illusion of the rain falling from the cube whilst the cube seems to float effortlessly above the ground.

Cube Cloud Trilogy

Each of the three Cube Cloud Sculptures stand up to 4.6m tall, of slightly different heights, each with a unique pattern of rain. In ‘Cube Cloud Trilogy’ there is a golden viewpoint where the rain sheets coalesce and the three clouds become one, then separate again as the viewer passes.

The rain sheets are made from mild steel, hot dip galvanised and treated with specialist acid to give a mordent finish.

The cubes can be fabricated from Coten Steel, Stainless Steel or Galvanised Steel with a colour powder coat finish.