About David and his work

About David

David began his Art studies at Wrexham College of Art moving on to study Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University leaving with BA Hons in 1994. Since then he has worked as a full time sculptor, working from his studios in Leeds.

An award winning sculptor, David has 21 years experience working with many different materials and techniques. For the past 5 years he has been working on larger scale public and private pieces, following his passion for Kinetic Sculpture inspired by nature.

The formal concepts for David’s work stem from natural sources, such as organic forms, cloud forms, light, wind. Of particular interest are molecular structures that stir his creative process.

David has installed work world wide, from Sark to New York to Switzerland for both private collectors and public display.

David is working on several new public commissions including a second piece within The National Memorial Arboretum.


My work is presently concerned with the unseen forces of nature and the wonders of evolution. I am facinated by the harmony between the laws of physics and all life on Earth. Take the wind for example; it is caused by the heat from the Sun, the gravitational pull of the Moon and the rotation of the planet. This results in a constant input of energy, causing a dynamic moving atmosphere and turbulent air currents. Life has evolved to work with this movement, feathers evolve for flight, roots reach down for stability, tiny seeds take on forms which can be carried by the wind.

In nature, form and shape are a reaction to the laws of physics and life’s ‘determination’ to survive. The planet is a fantastically complicated interwoven system of action and reaction which often manifests itself in breathtaking beauty.

I take my inspiration from the natural world, and in my sculpture I endeavor to point to the relationship between physics and the physical; seeds flying, molecules floating, rain falling, the earth spinning.

My Sculpture is about form and movement, whether actual movement through space or implied. The Kinetic Sculpture may be delicately balanced on precision bearings, where small air currents cause large forms to tip and move in reaction, carving a path through space before returning to a balanced position. The large organic forms are a more direct homage to Mother Nature and the wonders of evolution.

New work

I am continually prototyping and investigating new pieces of work, some of which I will be unveiling at this years exhibitions.


  • Stoneware Clay – fired to 1260c, frost proof.
  • Cold cast bronze and copper – superb strength to weight ratio with beautiful patina, durable.
  • Corten Steel – weathering steel with a beautiful matt textured surfaceprotecting finish. Changes from a light orange to deep purple over the decades.
  • Aluminium – lightweight, non corrosive and durable.
  • Marine grade Stainless Steel – non corrosive and durable.
  • Galvanised steel with a mordent finish – pewter/lead colour with a slightly textured matt finish, exceptional durability.
  • Steel – exceptional durability.
  • Schaeffler bearings – High quality German engineering – responsible for the London Eye main hub bearing.

Thankyou to Schaeffler Bearings for sponsoring me again in 2016